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Rahma Driving School Bundoora

Driving School Northern Suburbs Melbourne
Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia, Tel: 0404 748 437
A Bundoora Driving School, main office located in the heart of Bundoora Serving The Northern and North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

A Driving School Melbourne with Friendly Driving Instructors

  • We have high level of training.
  • We are certified for working with children.
  • We will help you learn and get through to obtaining your VicRoads drivers licence.
  • Our team of driving instructors are friendly and very helpful to their students needs.
  • Our driving lessons are tailored to get you ready for your licence test.
  • Rahma Driving School holds the current driving level of training.
  • Our driver instructors are very helpful and pass their skills and knowledge on to their learner drivers.
  • Each learner driver is unique and require different level of expert help and guidance while driving.
  • If you already have an overseas licence then we can help you get your Victorian drivers licence.

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The Practical Driving Test Guide

The Practical Driving Test Guide The practical driving test is the final step towards getting your VicRoads driving licence. If you’ve prepared well and had a fantastic driving instructor then you’re set to getting your driving licence with ease. Having a qualified driving instructor helps to get your licence easily. Take your driving lessons from […]

How to Pass The Driving Test – a Guide For Learner Drivers

How to pass the driving test with ease. It’s cool to drive your own car that is if you’ve never driven on your own. Getting the driving licence is not the reward one would assume but rather to satisfy your legal obligations to drive that car. Having ones own car is what motivates most of […]

How To Improve Your Driving Skills at Intersections with a Roundabout

Learn to drive at the roundabout with Rahma Driving School Melbourne! You will come across quite a few roundabouts driving in Melbourne and for that matter in most large cities in the world. Personally, I find roundabouts a great way of letting traffic flow steadily without too much of a hold up. Unlike traffic lights, […]

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Ramanjit Khangura
Thanks to Rahma Driving School Bundoora and my instructor whose effort helped me lot to pass my test in first attempt,he gave me so many tips that help me to gain my confidence and today i am very happy to got my licence.I recommend everyone to get lesson from Rahma Driving School.

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Students who have passed their licence tests
Driving school Bundoora Vicroads
Now Covering The Following VicRoads Licence Test Centres. Book Your Driving Test With Rahma Driving School Bundoora.
  • Broadmeadows
  • Bundoora
  • Carlton
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Tips to Developing Your Hazard Perception Skills with Rahma Driving School Bundoora

Take Your Driving Lessons with Rahma Driving School Bundoora to develop your Hazard Perception Skills.

Best way to avoid accidents and save lots of money on insurance is to learn to drive safely. Adhering to safety precautions not only saves you lots of money but also makes you an aware driver for life. Aware drivers can detect hazards and they can avoid foreseen accidents from occurring.

Increasing Driver Safety

It is a fact that most motorists have a good grasp of their vehicle but are completely helpless when it comes to seeing what other drivers will do on the roads. It is important that the skills needed to understand other road users and what possible action they will take can be learned to increase driver safety and thereby avoiding possible accidents. All this posibble if you are trained by a qualified driving instructors who know how to provide high quality driving lessons in Melbourne.

Continuously staying vigilant and in readiness is most likely the ideal characteristic of a really excellent safe driver. Being a safe driver does not involve being lucky or owning a safe car. It is all about learning whilst driving on the roads. Rahma Driving School Melbourne provides the ideal environment for all it’s students to become safe drivers.

Avoiding Accidents

It really doesn’t take much to have an accident. We hope we never do see bad accidents but they do occur due to many unforeseen reasons. The reasons are many but most of these can be avoided if only drivers take caution and stay aware at all times. It our highest priority to induce our students with high level driving lessons to enable all students to visually see any impending accidents.

For example, sometimes the colour of a vehicle can play a big role in either preventing or adding to poor visibility. Darker coloured cars can be easy to be seen during the day but are hardly visible during the night. Lighter coloured cars are always the easiest to spot during the day and night times. These are the kind of things a professional driving school in Melbourne would teach their learner drivers.

Correct Use Of Vehicle Indicators

Another key player that has a strong factor in playing safety during a driving lesson or a drive on your own is when drivers apply proper use of their indicators. This tends to tell other drivers you’re about to turn or stop. Awareness is not all about being aware of other drivers it also involves letting other drivers be aware of you. We teach these and many more safe driving habits at Rahma Driving School Bundoora.

Not many Melbourne driving schools teach this tip to their learner drivers. It is important that the use of indicators is really to let other road users be aware of your presence and to indicate to them where you’re going. Any vehicle who gives a late indicator can be involved in an accident purely based on this fact alone. We insist and tell our drivers to use the indicator at all times.

Impatient Driving

Tail gating is another area where lots of accidents can be caused due to impatient driving. Impatient driving is an elevated state of anger and that diminishes a person’s sense of alertness and awareness. Impatient drivers tend to speed and break road rules. Tail gating becomes a hazard in wet weather and shows us that drivers who drive like this are infact drivers who are unsafe. They have poor hazard perception skills and can involve themselves and other drivers in an accident. We would insist that they enrol with our driving school to enrol for our hazard perception classes so as to increase their driving skills and be safe drivers.

How To Avoid Tailgating

A driver should allow about 3 seconds between the vehicle in front of them and even more on wet days to avoid tail gating. Skilled drivers who have learned the art of driving know this simple tip and are more safer drivers than most other drivers.

As vehicle operators most of us would not do a regular inspection of our vehicle states. It is human nature that we jump right in, buckle up and drive. This is ok but every so often perhaps every other day taking an active inspection of your vehicle can make your driving a little more pleasant knowing that your vehicle looks ok. Who knows, you may spot a leaking radiator or oil from your car that could add to your vehicle repair costs.

Monitoring Your Vehicle’s Dashboard

Aware drivers also monitor their vehicles dashboard for any irregularities. Maintaining a visual check of your fuel level, car temperature indicator and oil sensors will make your life a lot better knowing that all is well. If in the event an irregularity has arisen then you’ll quickly prevent major problems from developing.

Driving Lessons with a Bundoora Driving School

Learning to drive with Rahma Driving School Bundoora or through other driving schools is probably a quick way to increase your hazard perception skills. Hazard perception skills are now a requirement when you go for your licence at VicRoads or any other state in Australia. We will teach you how to pass the hazard perception test.

Drive safe always and obey the road rules. This kind of driving will always prevent bad accidents from developing. We cannot be 100% certain what other road users would do but having built your hazard perception skills will give you enough understanding to anticipate what they may do in order to take precautionary tactics to avoid any foreseeing hazard from developing.

Driving with Passengers

Try to avoid talking too much while driving with your passengers. Turn your headlights on during wet weather and just after sunset. Drivers who start work early should also keep their headlights on for a bit longer. As we mentioned earlier it is about being seen and not about you seeing others. Remember that not every person has good long distant eyesight. Enroll today for a driving course with Rahma Driving School Bundoora to learn to drive in safety.

Driving and Give Ways

Give way as much as possible at appropriate times during a T intersections or turning when an oncoming car is approaching. Don’t create the hazard when you’re supposed to eliminate it! These are some of the skills and knowledge every driver should strive to learn during their driving lessons and also continue to do after they have attained their driving licence.

Driving School Melbourne

Rahma Driving School Bundoora offers high quality driving lessons in CBD and Northern Suburbs to people of all ages. Call us today to take your driving lessons and increase your driving skills. Build a solid road knowledge and pass the VicRoads drivering licence test on your first attempt.

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