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The Importance of Safety in Driving Lessons

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The Importance of Safety in Driving Lessons

Rushing Through TrafficOn my daily drives I see so many people rushing all over the place. Most of these people do not realise how much time, money and effort they are really wasting. They have certainly not learned to drive in safety

The road rules are getting ever stricter and controlled by the systems in authority. Even though the fines and demerit points one loses during a fine can be hefty nonetheless I must argue that they are there for the safety of the whole. It is not great driving in traffic but it is not safe either and idealistic to rush through it. It really does not get you any further ahead in life unless you’re running for the pole position in Formula 1 racing and on a formula 1 racing track.

So, all you young drivers first learn to be patient. Build your patience; ignore those who are whizzing by you. Don’t get hooked onto their lines. Let them rush and believe me when they have gone by you will have a most pleasant journey to wherever you’re heading. In our driving school we emphasize this and other smart road skills to all our student drivers.

Make the most out of your investment from your driving instructors. They have a world of experience to share and some of them are gold nuggets that are worth every penny you’ve paid to learn from them. These skills will be with you in all your future drives.

Not every young driver has an accident in their first 4 years in their P’s. There are statistics yelling out that P platers have a higher accident rate. These are just statistics telling you so. These statistics do tell the story correctly but it doesn’t mean that all P platers have a bad start to driving.

If you’ve had 120 hours of supervised driving lessons and have done the required amount of night driving as well as driving in different road conditions then you’re off to a good start. Teaching safety in driving should be on everyone’s mind when getting their drivers licence.

There are many young drivers who are safe and better drivers than those who’ve had a licence longer. Not all drivers have the same or equal driving skills to start with. Driving skills are an ongoing learning experience that one builds over time. The more driving you do and the more you’re in safety conscious mind-frame the better you will be and become among the top drivers in Australia.

Safe drivers are those who drive responsibly. They do not rush, they stick to road speed limits and they are safety conscious on the roads. They are ones who are courteous and enjoy driving without feeling the stress of driving. If you have to rush somewhere, just leave 10 minutes earlier. That way, if you get held up along the way then the time allowance will work on your benefit. Hey, when you reach your destination you’ll be mentally alert and in a good mood. Don’t let a bad driving journey ruin your day. It is not great to receive a $180+ ticket in the mail for doing 8 Km’s over the speed limit.

Rahma Driving School BundooraWhen you do get your licence for the first time in Australia there are some restrictions that are important to take notice of. Adhere to the limits on the number of peer passengers you can carry in the car at any one time.

We are a professional and expert driving school teaching young and inexperienced drivers to drive a car in safety. Learn to drive in safety with a professional driving school who cares for you. Call us on 040 47 48 43 7 or visit our Bundoora Driving School Melbourne