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Simple tips to help increase your road knowledge

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Simple tips to help increase your road knowledge

As a professional driving school in Melbourne one has to know their way around on the roads. At Rahma Driving School our driving instructors have many years offering quality driving lessons to learner drivers in Melbourne and more so in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Hence, knowing your way around eliminates many obstacles that could have been a hazard during driving or even when teaching to drive.

Increase Road Knowledge

Learner drivers who learn to increase their road knowledge will find that they will become better drivers on the roads. No matter what type of driver you are, whether you’re just a casual driver or someone who has many years of driving experience, your road knowledge of the roads and the routes will give you a better experience and driving abilities.

Internal Driving Compass & Safe Drivers

What makes someone a safe driver is the knowledge and skills they’ve gained throughout their driving efforts. Drivers who learn early and know how to navigate through an internal compass make good and confident drivers. So, learn to increase your internal navigation compass.

Learn your east and west along with north and south. Learning these will help you steer your way home or the place you’re thinking of traveling to. This simple knowledge can help eliminate any chance of you losing your way around at your neck of the woods. Furthermore, your internal compass helps eliminate a lot of uncertainty during your road trips and thereby increasing your safety levels.

In our driving school, we help our learner drivers gain this simple skill to help them locate where they are in relation to home, a landmark or even the central business district (CBD).

If you’re a learner driver or someone who has recently passed their driving test, try to learn these skills as well as your Victorian road rules. They will all benefit you in the long run.

How to be more Road Savvy?

In this article we’ve provided some of the main areas that will help you to become more road savvy. Learn these to increase your road knowledge. It would also help you with your driving lessons if you’ve just started taking driving lessons in Melbourne.

  • Learn to use the street directory to locate and plot a path from one suburb to another. It will not only increase your street knowledge but also create a better navigator.
  • Learn the suburbs where you live and every place you intend to visit by car. This will strengthen your internal compass and suburbs knowledge of your world.
  • Be enthusiastic and pay attention to road names. Learn the major roads and perhaps suburbs along those roads. It is handy to know the main roads because every so often they come up in conversations that help one to understand topics of conversation.
  • Learn where major centers are like the CBD, shopping centers and other main city areas. Having knowledge of these will increase your long term memory of your city.
  • Try to be aware of major events that would may interfere with your driving and driving trip. Knowing about these events will enable you to be more conscious of traffic levels.
  • Know your freeways and tollways and what you need to do before getting on one. Furthermore, knowing where to get on one or where to get off is also something that will increase your driving safety.
  • Anticipate peak and off-peak hours when deciding to drive. Knowing these times will enable you to make better judgement on travel time and hence decrease frustration if you ever are held in traffic.

As driver, your passengers and most likely your family will depend on you for a lot things on the road. So, know where you are and how to get in and out.

Plan your route

If you don’t know your way around whilst behind the wheel then you should stop immediately and plan your route for a more safer trip. Having to exercise this along with your road knowledge and driving skills will give you confidence in your driving abilities.
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Driving School Melbourne

We are a friendly driving school and operate throughout the CBD and Northern Suburbs Melbourne. If you’re ever looking for a driving school who will be there to not only to help with your driving skills but also road knowledge then give us a call today.

8 Good Reasons for Taking Driving Lessons From a Professional Driving School

How to Pass a Driving Test? As there are more and more cars appearing on the roads with more and more new people opting in to drive, it is paramount that proper driving lessons are taught to our young and new learner drivers. We see a lot of driving on the roads where lack of proper lessons has been passed to licence holders who appear to break the standard road rules. This kind of friction can lead to accidents that can be costly.

There comes a time in ones life where a decision is made to get your drivers license and is perhaps one of the most important decisions one has to make. Driving a car becomes second nature to us as is walking but there are so many variable involved that the ease of driving becomes much more less cumbersome when we have attained enough skills and knowledge about driving a car.

1. Enrolling in a Driving Course

Truly a driving course is equipped to make you a good learner driver, getting your ready to that final driving test where all your driving skills will be put to test.

2. Taking Driving Lessons

Professional driving lessons will significantly increase your abilities as a safe driver not only during the driving lessons but also way into the future where you will have attained a driving licence.

Everyone wants to have incident free driving in their life now and for ever. That is why you’ll be much better ready as a new driver than many motorists who have been driving for considerably for a longer time. Lack of proper driving coaching or perhaps no instruction in any respect can impose a life of driving errors in ones life that will inevitably bring about accidents in a really early phase inside the driving occupation.

3. Driving Lessons To Increase knowledge.

One advantage of enrolling in a professional driving school is that the insurance companies will take this into consideration when evaluating your insurance costs. Some insurance companies will insist over a bare minimum amount of lessons completed by a recognised driving school, just before a son or daughter will probably be admitted on to a Parent’s policy.

4. Increased Level of Driving Skills.

We have established that learner drivers have a higher percentage of pass rates during their driving tests. This increase pass rate is backed up by the driving skills attained during driving lessons from a professional driving school. Your driving skills as a result is enhanced to allow the learner driver to have high competence and high self confidence levels at the driving test.

5. Passing the Driving Test with ease.

VicRoads Driving License Test

Driving schools tend to fulfill their teaching by the higher level of pass rates at the driving test.

6. The Driving Course List

It is correct to say that anyone can be the driving instructor but only an expert driving instructor knows what the steps are to be taken to learn to drive. A driving course list is created to help the student to learner the preliminary lessons before the advanced lessons which makes learning more effective and thorough for the learner driver.

7. Obtaining Your Drivers License.

Just know that a professional driving school is equipped to take the student through a thorough learning phase before sitting for the driving test. We at Rahma driving school take all our course enrolled students through stages to ready them for the driving test. We do not recommend that learner drivers go for a driving test before they are ready. Once we are sure that the student is ready for the driving test at that point will we give them the green light to sit for the test.

8. Accredited Driving Instructor.

There is a much better chance of getting a licence through an instructor who is accredited with an instructors licence. Accredited drivers have expertise and experience in all fields of not only allowing a student to drive the car but also to pass it’s knowledge about the road, the car and the driving test routes. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages to getting your licence in the first test.

home-01-new-learner-drivers_over It may be pricey for Taking Professional Driving Lessons from a Driving School but I ensure you that driving lessons are best learned this way. You could save some money taking driving lessons from a family member or even a friend but the lessons learned from a professional driving instructor has that added skills and knowledge plus the expertise to teach and educate the learner driver about how to properly drive a car.

We at Rahma Driving School take pride in our work and help all our learners drivers to attain their driving licence with ease. We do make driving both pleasing phase and as well as an exciting time for the learner driver.