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Q. I’m busy right now and it’s not the right time to talk. Can You Call Me at a later time?
A: Yes, we can call you at anytime you like. Just head over to our call back form and Leave your details and we’ll call you back at your convenience.

Q. How many lessons will I need before I get my licence?
A. Many things impact on how quickly or slowly it takes for people to learn the necessary skills for driving. It depends on the attitude and ability of the individual.

Q. What do I need to bring to my driving lessons?
A. You need to bring your current learner’s permit. You may also bring a temporary permit which is issued by Vic roads, or an international drivers licence. If your permit does not have a photo, you will need to bring other photo identification (i.e student ID, passport etc)

Q. What Area Do You Cover?
A: We are covering North and North Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne as indicated by the list and maps below.

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Q. Which VicRoad driving test Centres Do you cover?
A. We cover The Following  licence Test Centres:

  • Broadmeadows
  • Bundoora
  • Burwood East
  • Carlton
  • Sunbury *

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Q. What do I need to do to get a car learner permit?
A. You will need to study The Road To Solo Driving handbook and then make a booking by calling Vic Roads on 13 11 71 to take a knowledge test.

Q. How old do I have to be to get my learners?
A. You must be 16 years of age or older.

Q. How long before I get my probationary car licence P1, P2?
A. You must have held a learner permit for a continuous period that have not been broken by a licence suspension or allowing the permit to expire before regaining a new permit, this period should be at least:
– 12 months if you are under 21 years before applying for a probationary (P1) licence, and you have recorded at least 120 hours of driving including ten hours at night.
– 6 months if you are over 21 years but under 25 years old before applying for a probationary (P2) licence.
– 3 month if you are 25 years or over before applying for a probationary (P2) licence.
Hazard perception test must be passed before the practical driving test to get your P1 or P2. You can book your test on line or call Vic Roads on 13 11 71 to make an appointment for hazard perception test and driving test.

Q. Can I use my overseas driver licence in Victoria roads?
You can drive on your overseas driver licence for as long as it is current providing it is in English or accompanied by an English translation or International Driving Permit.

You may drive on your overseas licence for: six months from the date you first entered Australia if the permanent visa was issued before you entered Australia; or, six months from the date when the permanent visa was issued to you if the permanent visa was issued to you whilst in Australia. For further information visit the following web page: VicRoads Driving Licence for Overseas Drivers

Send an e-mail, call or text us on 0404 748 437 for a free consultation on how we can help you get the driving lessons you need and work toward a budget and routine that is timed around your schedule. Let us help you get your Victorian Drivers Licence.

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