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What to expect during the day of the Practical Driving Test.

What to expect during the day of the Practical Driving Test?

As is always a fully prepared learner driver will pass the driving test without a problem. Unless you consider yourself to be a nervous driver then perhaps you need to have your driving instructor to help you remove the anxiety and stress of the test before sitting for the driving test.

To get your VicRoads Driver’s Licence you need to pass 3 stages or tests. By now you should know how long each stage is:

  1. Learner Knowledge Test (you are required to do 120 hours of practical driving that needs to be recorded in your log book. This needs to be presented just prior to the Practical Driving Test.)
  2. Hazard Percipient Test (This test is required prior to the Practical Driving Test and needs to be passed)
  3. Practical Driving Test (This is the final test before getting your VicRoads Driving Licence.)

The practical test will take no more that one hour. It is a busy time for everyone involved, so stay relaxed and be fresh at the driving test center.


  • It would be ideal to have one last driving lesson before the driving test.
  • You, your driving instructor and the driving test car needs to arrive and ready at the test center 10 minutes before the test.
  • After checking in, they will ask you to wait for your name to be called out by the Learner Testing Officer (LTO).
  • The Learner Testing Officer will fill out a form asking you for your details (name, date of birth, address).
  • LTO will ask if you hold an Overseas Driver’s Licence and to get the details.
  • LTO will also ask if you’re taking any medication that would be preventing you from taking the driving test.
  • A simple vision test is conducted to ensure you have the right vision before sitting for the driving test. If you’re wearing any prescription spectacles then please bring them along with you and put them on. The vision test needs to be passed.
  • Once the above formalities have been satisfied then the next step is to go and sit in the car waiting for the Licence Test Officer to come out and inspect your drivng test vehicle.

Car Inspection just before the driving test:

Licence Testing Officer will check the car controls before starting the test.

Car Controls That need to be functioning correctly:

  • The headlights: they will ask you to turn it on and off,
  • The car indicators: they will ask to indicate right and then left,
  • Windscreen Washer Operation: turn it on and operate to wash and wipe the front window.
  • Simple horn test,
  • emergency hazard indicator lights,
  • foot on the brake and the brake lights are working,
  • and finally the rear demister needs to be working as well.

Once the basic car controls are operating and are in working order then the drive test is about to begin.

On the Road Driving Test

Sit in the drivers seat, put on your seat belt and wait for the Licence Testing Officer to give you your next instructions:

From here on the test will take about 30 – 45 minutes and in 2 stages:

stage one
The first stage will take approximately 10-15 minutes and it will be a test of your parking and/or turning skills. The tasks you are expected will be explained and your driving instructor will also assist to require you to either do a reverse parallel parking or a 3 point turn at a quite area. 

stage two
The second stage is all about your driving skills in traffic. It will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete and The Licence Testing Officer will give you directions during this stage. Pay attention and do exactly as you would in a normal driving condition.

The tasks in stage two could include all of these and more:

  • Traffic Observations,
  • Lane changing and merging,
  • Gape selection,
  • Lateral position on the road,
  • Vehicl position on the roadduring turns turns,
  • Dealing with priorities at intersections like stop signs, give way signs,at roundabouts and dealing with traffic lights.

Also note that the driving test is not over until the Licence Testing Officer leaves the vehicle and that would be at the same location you started the driving test.

Here at Rahma Driving School we will ensure that you are well skilled in all these tasks. Our driving instructors will prepare you to pass your driving test on the first attempt.

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