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A Common Mistake That Will Fail You At Your Driving Test

A Common Mistake That Will Fail You At Your Driving Test

The Blind Spot

The blind spot Are you ready to go for your drivers test? Now is the time to make sure you’ve had a good amount of driving lessons. Here at Rahma Driving School Bundoora we make sure you are taught the necessities of driving.

Studying the handbook

Studying the handbook is great. But you need to apply the knowledge behind the wheel. Nothing beats having practical driving lessons with a professional instructor. Learn from an experienced instructor who will teach you all you have to know about driving your own car and finally help you pass your drivers test.

Always go over those things that fall short of your expectations until you get them right. You don’t have to be perfect but just right. This will help you out on your test.

Driving Mistakes

There are some common mistakes why people fail their driving test.

One of those is the lane change and covers many different scenarios.

During your driving test an unsafe lane change is a reason to a failure. So get your lane changing knowledge and practical experience in place before attempting your driving test.

So what does unsafe lane changes involve:

red-x-1Failing to check out the blind spot.
red-x-1 You can signal and look into the mirror but if you fail to check your blind spot then you’ll end up in an accident.

3 Things You Need To Do Whilst Changing Lanes

redcheck Let your signal/indicator running,
redcheckWhilst the signal is running look at your mirror and then over your shoulder in the the blind spot,
redcheckIf there’s nothing there then you can drive over and you’re safe.

If you see a vehicle there then what you need to do is turn off your indicator/signal and try again later down the road.

You will need to do this in many situations:

redarrow Merging into one lane.
redarrow Changing lanes.
redarrow Merging into bicycle lanes.
redarrow Merging into traffic.
redarrow Making a U Turn.

Good Driving Record

Having a safe and accident free driving record in the years to come is something to be proud of. So drive with utmost care and safety in mind. There really is no point in rushing in traffic. It doesn’t get you there any faster. Better to be late than dead on arrival.

Rahma Driving School Bundoora offers professional driving lessons to it’s students teaching them these and many other road techniques to make your driving as safe as possible. For bookings click here.