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What is involved in The Hazard Perception Test?

Hazard Perception Test

What is involved in The Hazard Perception Test?

Learn To Drive in Bundoora The hazard perception test is one of the components to acquiring one’s own Victorian driving licence. To make sure that you take the VicRoads driving test you should have passed the hazard perception test first. The main hazard perception test can be secured at any time and not immediately at the same time as you go for your driving test. When you’ve passed your own hazard perception test you then have 12 months to sit for your driving test.

How long is the Hazard Perception test

The entire hazard perception test runs for 45 minutes and throughout this time you are going to watch twenty-eight brief videos. Every single video clip would need your feedback via the mouse button. Simply put the entire hazard perception test is actually a online test to measure your personal observation skills and knowledge. You need to indicate whenever you understand that its safe to undertake the desired task.

Each of the videos require an action based on what one’s own reaction would be. You must presume you are the vehicle driver within the video recording and then have to decide what to do at the right moment.

Here are the attainable responses you’d make or perform:

  • Decelerate
  • Overtake
  • Begin to turn
  • Move away
  • Or simply no action needed.

Just about every single video will run for half a minute and needs an input of when you believe that it is safe and sound to carry out one of the above responses.

Hazard Perception Pass Mark

In order to pass the entire hazard perception test you will have to get at very least a good solid score of 54% or simply 15 perfect score out of 28. This assessment is a crucial component of acquiring one’s own probationary driver’s licence simply because hazard perception skills can’t be explained but really needs to be experienced. It takes some time to build up and become a professional at it and it’s not about how you could drive the car. It’s about simply being safer for everyone driving on the road.

Hazard Perception is all about scanning the road and recognising possible hazards that will possibly exist or even develop. The decisions that you take will help deter or maybe get rid of hazardous circumstances from forming.

Here are several of the more established hazards which you might encounter in your own daily driving:

– Vehicles stopping quickly ahead of you.
– Turning at intersections.
– Bends within the road that will turn out to be hazardous while in bad weather conditions.
– Bumps, road blocks plus holes on the road.
– Motorists who’ve neglected to either indicate or have kept their indicators on.
– Small vehicles and motor cycles could emerge rather suddenly.
– People on the road.
– School sites.
– Other vehicles merging or shifting lanes.

Superior perception skill-sets includes:

– Scanning the street in front of plus behind your car.
– The ability to recognise possible risks.
Foresee probable hazards and taking reactive actions to counteract any sort of road car accidents.
– Keeping your distance from other motor cars.
– Driving within a risk-free speed.
– Slowing down right before the traffic comes to an unanticipated stop.
– Handling multiple hazards at the same time and even taking precautions to avoid any kind of crashes.

Why the Hazard Perception Test?

The on road test focuses mostly on your ability to drive safely in traffic and your car handling skills. This test is limited to the drive conditions around the test center on the day of your test. That is one reason why a separate test is required to measure your skill level in different conditions. The videos represent possible hazards that can be measured based on your reaction. So make sure to learn these for a long lasting safe driving.

How to increase your Hazard Perception Skills?

Signing up with Rahma Driving School is one way of enforcing these real life hazard conditions while taking your driving lessons from our instructors. We’ll teach you these valuable lessons that will stick with you always while you’re taking your driving lessons. When the time comes to take your hazard perception test then you would have developed enough skills to pass your hazard perception test much more easily.