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The Practical Driving Test Guide

Driving Test

The Practical Driving Test Guide

The Practical Driving Test Guide

The practical driving test is the final step towards getting your VicRoads driving licence.

If you’ve prepared well and had a fantastic driving instructor then you’re set to getting your driving licence with ease. Having a qualified driving instructor helps to get your licence easily. Take your driving lessons from driving instructors who can prepare you toward passing your driving test.

There are 3 stages or tests you need to pass in order to get your driver’s licence:

  1. Learner Knowledge Test
  2. Hazard Percipient Test
  3. Practical Driving Test

The practical test will take about one hour to accomplish.

Here are the Practical Driving Test steps you will be going through at the VicRoads testing office:

  • Arrive 10 – 15 minutes prior to your driving test.
  • they will ask you to wait for your name to be called out by the Learner Testing Officer (LTO).
  • The Learner Testing Officer will fill out a form asking you for your details (name, date of birth, address).
  • LTO will ask if you hold an Overseas Driver’s Licence and to get the details.
  • LTO will also ask if you’re taking any medication that would be preventing you from taking the driving test.
  • A simple vision test is conducted to ensure you have the minimum vision before sitting for the driving test.
  • The next step is to go and sit in the car waiting for the Licence Test Officer to come out and inspect your driving test vehicle.

Licence Testing Officer will check the car controls before starting the test:

  • Check headlights,
  • Check car indicators,
  • Check windscreen Washer Operation,
  • Check horn,
  • Check emergency hazard indicator lights,
  • Check brake lights,
  • and check rear demister.

The next step is the road driving test and it will take about 30 – 45 minutes in two stages.

stage one:
This stage will take about 10-15 minutes and it is the test to see if you have learned how to park and/or 3 point turn at a quite area.

stage two:
In this stage your driving skills are assessed. This will take about 20-25 minutes to complete. Just relax, listen and do exactly what the Licence Testing Officer wants you to do.

You will be assessed in the following driving skills:

  • Lane changing and merging,
  • Traffic Observations,
  • Lateral position on the road,
  • Gape selection,
  • Vehicle position on the road during turns turns,
  • Roundabout driving,
  • Dealing with priorities at intersections like stop signs and give way signs,
  • and also driving with traffic lights.

Please note that the driving test is not over until the Licence Testing Officer leaves the vehicle. If you’ve carefully learned to drive with your driving instructor then then there is no reason not to pass the driving test. We at Rahma Driving School make sure you’re ready before booking your driving test.

If you pass your driving test your score is revealed and your photo is taken and sent to you by mail. You will receive it within 2 weeks. You ware given a temporary driving licence and are eligible to drive on your own. However, you must display the red P plates on your the vehicle you drive.

Call on Rahma Driving School to help you get your VicRoads Driver’s Licence.

Driving Test Tips

Ready to Go For The Driving Test?

Driving Test
OK, so you’re ready and set to got for the driving test . You’ve done your lot of driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor who has prepared you well for the day you be qualified to drive a car on your own. The start of your driving life. It is the day in most peoples past filled with the excitement but also one of pressure as well. None the less it will stay in your memory for many years to come.

Book Your Driving Test

Be excited that you’ve booked you driving test. Stay positive on that day and throughout the week leading to the driving test. Staying positive will bring out the best in you (Best Driving Test Tip). There is nothing worse then going to a driving test with a belly full of butterflies. If you get the butterflies just wish them to fly off. 🙂 Just be excited – you’re getting your drivers licence! Your right to drive a car legally on your own.

Professional Opinions

bluecheck Get the opinion of your driving instructor or who ever is teaching you how to drive. Taking driving lessons from a fully qualified instructor is the best form of learning to drive a car. They’ve told you that you’re ready to to go for the driving test. You’ve proven to everyone that you can do it.

Your instructor has shown the same excitement as you have and believe it when a driving instructor says you’re ready then you’re ready to go for the driving test. On the day of your driving test and in moments there after you will be holding your own licence – at-least a paper version until you get the plastic one in the mail. Hooray and congratulations to you!

How do you know if you’re ready to go for your driving test.

Here are some tips and indications that will hint on your readiness:

Driving School Driving Test Tips

  • Be excited and Confident.
  • Take a Practice Driving Test – have at-least one drive test before the actual driving test.
  • Know your road rules.
  • Learn to be efficient in your hazard test knowledge.
  • Be confident whilst driving.
  • Flow with the rest of the traffic without causing other motorists to pass you.
  • Have a good control of the car.
  • Easily enter and leave traffic with confidence.
  • Anticipate the flow of traffic and stay with it.
  • Master the skill of hill start without rolling back your car.
  • Easily adjust your mirrors as soon as you enter a car.
  • Whilst in traffic you are aware of your blind spots and any vehicles that may be there.
  • Never pass the speed limit.
  • Keep good control of your car in any situation.
  • Never panic and always stay in control at intersections.

Professional driving Instructor

Getting driving lessons from a professional driving Instructor is probably the best investment and the fastest way to getting your drivers licence. Although it may cost you a fair amount of your savings but it is well worth learning to drive from a professional driving instructor who is always on the road doing this on a full time basis. They’ve become the elite in teaching driving lessons.

Driving School BundooraWhen you drive with a qualified driving instructor they tend to explain exactly where you’ve done well and which areas you need more lessons in. It is their job to help you and prepare you for the driving test. They want to see you get your driving licence the first time and are eager as much as you are. You see they are excited to send you your way into the world – well that’s exactly how we feel.

Rahma Driving School Bundoora offers all it’s students an opportunity to have a rich and rewarding driving lessons which prepares the student to have an easy driving test experience.